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          Being the greatest of Dragons, the two Elder Dragons are the most difficult
to describe. They embody the principles of Light and Darkness on a cosmic level, most similar to Yin and Yang. They are balanced opposites in harmony. Working with them is like touching pure active or receptive, two concepts very difficult to grasp. I personally work with the Great Dragons of the four elements most. They are far easier to work with and communicate. This is in no way to state that they are impossible to work with, only that it is difficult to do so due to their vast powers. Approach Them as you might approach the Tao in Chinese philosophy, with respect and reverence. I see Them as the living embodiment of the principles of Yin and Yang, Night and Day, Darkness and Light. It is also important to remember that 'evil' and 'good' is neither one's sole domain, They contain both, as do we.
          The Elder Dragons are invoked primarily as an augmentation to any other
working you are performing. They are called upon to help balance the work you are
performing and to lend that certain something extra.

 "Light of the Spirit, Symbol of the Sun
 Be with me now 'till the spellwork is done.
 Help me balance all Karma and force
 'till i reach the end of my life on this Earth
 Guide me and teach me, O' Dragon of Light
 Lend my magic your Power this Night!"
  "Dragon of Darkness, Your Power will run
 until the time my magic is done
 teach me your secret, the dark not to fear
 For dark is receptive, not terror or tear
 Dreams of the Spirit soar with the Night
 wrap me in guidance, You, balance of Light"
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