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\            These Dragons are masters of Their sphere of influence. Each represents certain areas of influence contained within the larger portfolios of The Great Dragons and the Elder Dragons. As mentioned before, do not be fooled by Their place in the Heirarchy of Dragons, They are as powerful as any other Dragon within Their sphere of influence.

        The spheres of influnce that They occupy are specific, such as storms as an aspect of Air. During a storm, calling upon the Dragon of storms to either abate or increase the ferocity of a storm is a simple matter. So long as you speak with awe and reverence when dealing with any Dragon. For the aspiring Dragon magician, my advice is simple, meditate and commune with each Dragon you intend to work with. Know Their personalities and individual natures BEFORE working with them, as this will ensure greater success.

        I will include a listing of some of the aspect Dragons and Their names. Why not all? Two reasons:

1) Time, energy and gigabytes. Not enough of any of them to allow me to fully list them and name them.
2) A path mapped out is a path without adventure.

Walk in Light and you will not come to harm.

'Lesser' Dragon of the Sea: Urool (`you-rule)
'Lesser' Dragon of Mountains: Granath (gra-`nath)
'Lesser' Dragons of Forests: Sylass (si-`lass)
'Lesser' Dragon of Storms: Havass (`ha-vass)
'Lesser' Dragon of Deserts: Churun (`choo-roon)
'Lesser' Dragon of Fires/Volcanoes: Faran (`farr-raan)

When speaking their names, 'r' has a slight roll to it, not long at all.
Good journey to you and may They keep thee safe.

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