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Drumming in the Year 2000

In an effort to ring in this new Millenium with unity and light, All One Tribe Drums has started a grass roots movement, bringing all peoples together to Drum with one Heart and one Beat. I am co-ordinating one of these events in my area and I strongly encourage you to do so in your area as well. Drumming begins at midnight on New Years eve and does not stop until midnight has rung everywhere in the world. A simple prayer is recited as people around the world drum the same beat and the same wish is sent out to the Creator. We forge the Future with our own hand in the present. If you are interested in this wonderful event, please visit their site and see what you can do to help it blossom in beauty. Let us stand together and with one voice and one will, proclaim our futures together!
Blessings upon the Servant of the Light.
    Lunarian Stormbringer

Follow this link to their site and take a look..