The Nature of Dragon Magic
   By Lunarian Stormbringer

 I would like to give credit to the person who set my feet upon this new Path of discovery. D. J. Conway's book "Dancing with Dragons" has become the template from which my research and discoveries have sprung.  Your words have pointed me in new directions and new worlds have opened to me, my thanks to you.

       As a cautionary word of warning: This Work is NOT for a new practitioner. I advise that the new practitioner seek education and experience that way they can call upon the Dragons with the NECESSARY experience and confidence.

         There exists in the Universe and endless number of Archetypal energies with which  modern magicians can ally themselves. Their numbers are as vast and diverse as those who work with them. Angels, Faeries, Elementals, and even Mytho-poetic forces such as Dragons, Elves, and Dwarves may be used to call upon Higher Powers. Throughout the  study of such forces we learn that the ones we choose to call upon and the choice reflects how our souls are formed. These archetypal forces have personas, some even recognized names known to many cultures. As with all things the choice of forces that work best for you is personal, for myself it is the Dragons. In no way do these forces replace Deity, on the contrary they facilitate greater learning and advanced development.

         For some time now I have work with spiritual energies such as Totems or Angels, and Elementals such as salamanders and dwarves. Since walking the Path as a Dragon mage I have discovered some interesting things. The energies of Totems are more closely described as interacting with our Super-Unconscious (part of our primal natures, the things that often get misunderstood or ignored when they appear) then as an external force such as angelic energies... The Totems seem to be an existing part of the shaman that once identified and worked with become more pronounced. Yet as with all true forces, these energies contain the extremes of the nature they exemplify. For example, Bear is very healing, wise and gentle, yet Bear is also very violent and quick to anger when someone threatens her cubs.. This translates as overprotective and more than slightly intolerant of what is perceived as danger to loved ones.. Now once a totem is worked with, both sides of the totem begin to emerge in the shaman. Where as the energy I have found present when I began working with Draconian energy is much different.

         The Dragons seem to be more of the Super-Conscious ( the higher aspects of our natures that we strive to attain and exemplify) even though the energy is summoned it comes not from outside the mage, but within him. The Dragons personify planetary, and elemental forces thus bringing them one step closer to our understanding. As with Totemic interaction, the relationship to the Dragons is similar. Like Bear (which is not solely resident within the practitioner...) the Dragons awaken the portions of our psyche that can tap into their energies allowing us access to it. Bear brings  the primal forces of life and nature to within the grasp of the practitioner where through proper exercise can be melded to the energies of the practitioner himself. The dragons bring a more focused or refined energy to within the reach of the mage until he can tap into it at will...  In a way the relationship of any non-deity (and to a lesser degree them as well) force/entity to the practitioner is closer to that of mentor and teacher than to permanent fixtures in our magical practice.

         In no way is Dragon magic easy or simple. The relationship of the magician to the Dragons is similar to parent/teacher and child/student. They are vast and timeless, wise beyond our kenning and cunning. Once embarked upon as a magical path, you find yourself changing, and adapting to their modes of though, learning to see in new ways and having greater perspective than before. It requires great inner strength and strong moral character to walk the Path, and more than that to walk it with the Dragons. Subtle as a soft breeze and powerful as a super-nova, They teach and strengthen you so you may wield greater power with greater wisdom.


         The Draconian Hierarchy consists of four basic tiers. The topmost being the Elder Dragon of Light and the Elder Dragon of Darkness. The next tier consists of the four Great Dragons of the Elements (earth, air, fire, water). Below Them comes the Dragons of planetary or elemental aspect (beings of specific types of elemental energies of a specific elemental aspect, planet or  astrological sign) The bottom tier consists of Guardian Dragons, whose dominion is specific people or things (houses, gardens, and anything they are asked to guard.)

         I have found that the greater the realm of influence that the Dragon has influence over, the greater It's power and the more distant its mind seems to be from the practitioners understanding. The Dragons of Light and Darkness are the two greatest, but also the most difficult to work with. then there are the Dragon Kings of the four elements and directions whose powers are vast and whose wisdom is great. They stand to the quarters when a circle is cast.. similar to the watchtowers or guardians. beneath them in this pattern are the celestial dragons of the zodiac and of specific locales. it is these dragons that are called upon for specific magical ends just as you might call upon specific elementals to assist you in specific tasks ( such as a salamander to breathe passion into a relationship, or a specific energy whose sphere of influence is the desired outcome).

         The higher up in the hierarchy the dragon influence is you seek the more worldly and knowledgeable the Dragon itself is. the Dragons who fall lower in the hierarchy are less distant and most human to work with. It is as if the bottom most are youngest and most playful (Faerie Dragons and the like) while further up in the pattern They become more wise and mature. The difference becomes method and reasoning for actions. The level of power and wisdom does not fluctuate between stages in this hierarchy, only the amount of things that the individual Dragon has influence over. The more time spent working with specific dragons the greater the understanding of the nature of their position is. Bear in mind that their station is not a reflection of their power. far from it. their powers are, simply put, more specific. also not to say that the lesser Dragon of storms is easier to work with than Sairyss, The Great Air Dragon, but it is easier to understand how it will respond.

           Thus before any work (beyond an occasional calling) I advise that you meditate and do personal work in getting to know the Dragon yourself. I can talk for hours about what I know, yet it comes down to your experience and practice that will dictate success in calling the Dragons. Remember that any spell or incantation you come in contact with can be made more powerful by adjusting it so that you are comfortable. It also bears repeating that your first real contact with them may well be more enlightening than you could expect.

         Where the lesser dragon of storms might just move in a storm front to meet your goal, Sairyss might adjust the temperature up for some time so that the weather patterns are right for a marvelous storm. In some ways the lesser dragons seem much younger and energetic, where the greater dragons seem to be cunning and wise and are more aware of the effects of the requested magics. Though the end was achieved either way, the lesser dragons choice of just moving a storm front might cause drought or brush fires in the area the storm front was meant for. Sairyss will manipulate the energies needed to cause the least harm yet still reap the end result.  Bear in mind this bears no ill reflection upon the guardians, for competence is never in question, simply that they are more exuberant, excitable, and eager to please than the other Dragons. The differing levels of draconian energies are equally easy to work with so long as the practitioner is ready to work with them. This also does not mean that they WON'T work with you, they would actually guide you to be ready.

          The forces like Dragons and Bear realistically would not work with the practitioner if he did not contain an aspect of them or at least the potential to one day no longer need them as much. In no way does this replace veneration and thanks, it simply means that they become ingrained in the character of the mage until the lines of separation blur or cease to exist entirely, leaving the mage capable of wielding greater levels of energy than before the mage began working with that particular archetype. Through our interaction with such forces we  ourselves grow stronger and more capable in wielding their energies. They (in many ways) tend to take leadership in the early stages of interaction. then as the practitioner gains in proficiency, their direct influence becomes much more subtle. Eventually, as with all practiced things, the instructor will no longer be as needed once the student achieves certain levels of  proficiency.

         However their presence will not diminish, but how much of their energies are lent to the working will decrease as the practitioner advances in their ability to manipulate larger volumes of energy with greater efficiency. So the mage will eventually feel the direct influence of those forces lessen, solely because it is no longer needed, just as eventually training wheels come off a bicycle..  So in short there comes a time when those training wheels come off, when the practitioner is skilled enough to no longer need the external forces to guide and tap the energies for him. when due to practice, trial and error and all of the learning process, no longer reaches outside himself, but can do it themselves.

         It is necessary that you fully understand the Laws of Power and have a firm ethical mindset before undertaking any ritual work at all. In the Laws of Power it states that, 'Harm none and do what ye will', but within this rule is a sub- clause. It states that in the defense of : life, self or loved ones, the Power must be used to its potential. If attacked you have the right and duty to defend yourself. This does include the use of the Power in that defense. We of the Path were meant to be bastions of light and hope, but not without recourse should we be assaulted. For how can we offer safety if no protection exists? Thus, some of the below works are in defense only and thus able to do harm, but never more than is needed.


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