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The Principles of Magick Series

            This is an ongoing series of works designed to give the reader a deeper understanding of the mechanics of Magick (the internal workings if you will). These lessons will provide a fundamental understanding of the nature of Magick and its effective practice. The information provided here is the product of my experience and research, and thus is important to me.
            I have decided to publish these works on the World Wide Web because I believe that all knowledge should be free and no one should go without because they do not have access to a teacher or a coven in their area. It is to this end that I share these things with you the reader, that you may (with the blessings of the Gods) glean some useful information from my ramblings. I will try to keep each section concise that way you may read them easily and they will save as small documents should you wish to print them. All I ask is that if you do decide to use these lessons for training others that you provide credit to me in your lectures and reprinting. Your questions and comments are more than welcome and you may feel free to email me at this address:

The Principles of Magick Part One:   Nature of Energy.
The Principles of Magick Part Two:    The Cosmos and You.
The Principles of Magick Part Three:  Drawing Upon The Elements
The Principles of Magick Part Four:   The Art and Science of 'Timing'
The Principles of Magick Part Five  Putting it all together (Effective Ritual Creation)
The Principles of Magick Part Six:     The Art of  Invocation